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  1. Joseph Sobran, arch-patriarch, neo-confederate, darling of Holocaust deniers, dies.

    I haven’t felt this good about a death since Jerry Falwell paid his obolos. This definitely calls for a drink.

    ¡Viva la Muerte!

  2. “Way to poison the well!”

    Nah. I’m too busy spreading the plague and destroying peaceful Christian homes. It’s my friends who do the well-poisoning stuff.

  3. Here’s Sobran’s obit in the New York Times:


    For the record, Sobran was not a “Holocaust denier.” Here’s what he actually said on the issue:

    “Here I should lay my own cards on the table. I am not, heaven forbid, a “Holocaust denier.” I lack the scholarly competence to be one. I don’t read German, so I can’t assess the documentary evidence; I don’t know chemistry, so I can’t discuss Zyklon-B; I don’t understand the logistics of exterminating millions of people in small spaces. Besides, “Holocaust denial” is illegal in many countries I may want to visit someday. For me, that’s proof enough. One Israeli writer has expressed his amazement at the idea of criminalizing opinions about historical fact, and I find it puzzling too; but the state has spoken.

    Of course those who affirm the Holocaust need know nothing about the German language, chemistry, and other pertinent subjects; they need only repeat what they have been told by the authorities. In every controversy, most people care much less for what the truth is than for which side it’s safer and more respectable to take. They shy away from taking a position that is likely to get them into trouble. Just as only people on the Axis side were accused of war crimes after World War II, only people critical of Jewish interests are accused of thought-crimes in today’s mainstream press.

    So, life being as short as it is, I shy away from this controversy. Of course I’m also incompetent to judge whether the Holocaust did happen; so I’ve become what might be called a “Holocaust stipulator.” Like a lawyer who doesn’t want to get bogged down debating a secondary point, I stipulate that the standard account of the Holocaust is true. What is undisputed — the massive violation of human rights in Hitler’s Germany — is bad enough.”


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