"The Man" Ain't What He Used to Be

Fantastic piece from Jack Donovan at AltRight.

The Left has successfully marketed youthful rebellion against “The Man” for decades. One has to wonder, though, how long it will take until today’s budding hipsters — gussied up in a postmodern hodgepodge of recycled rebellions past — finally realize that they are the new squares.

It’s not like back in the ‘60s when you could just grow your hair out, get naked and sit around singing and smoking pot in the mud.  And it’s not some wizened old beatnik feeding you communist propaganda; it’s your schoolteacher, your principal, your college professor and your Supreme Court Justices. The future is now, cats, and you can’t fight “The Man” when he’s on your side. You can take to the streets and march, if that’s what you’re into, but your signs might as well say “Yes, sir, more of the same, please!” All you can do is become part of the machine, another cog. Your “rage” is all staged.

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  1. The result is what I like to call the Bohemian Bourgeois. It has caused the dichotomy that has defined modernity, ever since Rousseau first gave the Bourgeois its moniker, to become completely irrelevant. And now, the only thing that differentiates the two is style of dress–which is becoming less and less distinct thanks to opportunist marketers and no-nothing youth: a result of the Sixties attempt to kill History.

  2. Pennywisdom,

    David Brooks has a fantastic book on that topic called “Bobos in Paradise” about the Bohemian Bourgeois.

    I highly recommend it, not that you know me from Adam.

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