Just Another Week of Servin' and Protectin'

Elsmere DE cop subject of suit alleging he tasered a 50yr-old disabled man twice w/o justification after man complied: http://is.gd/d5sSyNew York NY cop arrested on allegations that he tried to lure an 11yr-old girl into his truck 3x as she walked to school: http://is.gd/d0WXa

Cobb County GA cop resigns after arrested on possession of child pornography charges after tip sparked investigation: http://is.gd/d2gvkSee More

New Albany IN cop probed for missing sensitivity class ordered after he said that civil rights was biggest mistake in US: http://is.gd/d0Zg4

Camden NJ cop sentenced to probation for ordering women into his truck and cruiser while in uniform & then groping them: http://is.gd/d3HUW

Bal Harbour FL cop takes plea deal after sexually assaulting a 7yr-old girl http://is.gd/cXQiV

Houston TX 4 cops involved in videotaped beating of cuffed 16yr-old suspect http://is.gd/d0PHy

Louisville KY police accused of using excessive force on nude 19yr-old suffering from apparent mental condition: http://is.gd/d04JZ

Palm Beach Co FL sheriff says county’s ethics rules don’t apply to him, orders officers to refuse to take ethics classes: http://is.gd/cYsDR

3 Parkersburg WV cops sued alleging they used anti-gay slurs when they beat & kicked man at his home in front of partner: http://is.gd/d5FVF

Baltimore MD school police officer found guilty of 2nd degree assault & sexual abuse of a 16yr-old female student: http://is.gd/d000g

Tybee GA police officer resigns over tasering of autistic teen: http://is.gd/d4oba

North Carolina State trooper resigns after drunk driving and hit & run charges: http://is.gd/d3HpX

Chaves County NM deputy fired for crashing into fence post w/cruiser while talking on cell, then lying about it: http://is.gd/d1mDK

San Francisco CA police accused of not divulging that cop testifying in case once stabbed suspect in face w/crack pipe: http://is.gd/cZslS

Macon GA police officer charged with battery & cruelty to children for hitting wife in front of grandkids: http://is.gd/cZlyU

Marco Island FL police sued by pharmacy alleging cops are intentionally harassing their customers to ruin their business: http://is.gd/d1uKe

San Francisco CA police sgt subject of lawsuit by ex-cop claiming she was forced out after refusing his sexual advances: http://is.gd/d1bQg

Maywood CA lays off employees & shuts down services after unable to afford insurance because of police misconduct costs: http://is.gd/d03gE

Bartlett TN police accused in suit of hiding years of abuse woman suffered at hands of cop who doused her in gasoline: http://is.gd/d0NA1

Chicago IL may settle suit for $6.3mil to man wrongfully imprisoned for 25yrs when police lab allegedly withheld evidence http://is.gd/d3V9m

Brunswick FL police chief admits to misleading officials about cop disciplined for lying about sex with a prostitute: http://is.gd/cZVtf

Clackamas County OR deputy charged for sexual misconduct w/women in jail and on home detention: http://is.gd/d1f58

Millville NJ police officer charged with domestic violence on allegations he grabbed an unspecified woman by the neck: http://is.gd/d4NjO

California Hwy Patrol officer convicted on bribery & perjury charges for dismissing traffic ticket in exchange for sex: http://is.gd/cYpq0

Sealy TX police officer subject of suit alleging he entered home w/o warrant then arrested man for taking picture of him: http://is.gd/d15Ty

Memphis TN police sergeant pleads guilty to embezzling $25k from police union he led: http://is.gd/d0TYz

US State Department diplomatic security agent gives wife brain damage in fight when she accused him of affair: http://is.gd/d2v3g

Los Angeles Co CA deputy’s union fights policy banning deputies from carrying guns when drunk as alcohol incidents climb: http://is.gd/d00FB

Durham County NC deputy accused of using excessive force on 78yr-old man w/alzheimer’s: http://is.gd/d18Bo

Ottawa Hills OH cop convicted of assault for shooting & paralyzing man at traffic stop: http://is.gd/cXQwe

NY Video released in trial of NYPD officer for repeatedly beating Iraq war vet with baton: http://is.gd/cYf8u

Jacksonville FL settles $200k suit to family of 80yr-old man killed after confronting cops posing as dealers on his lawn: http://is.gd/cYdvD

Broward County FL deputy charged w/fraud for filing false accident report to get insurance refund: http://is.gd/d1mqA

Chattanooga TN cop on paid leave while investigated for blocking man from getting wife to ER & arresting him for trying: http://is.gd/cXRMf

Duluth GA police officer found guilty on 9 counts for attacking woman at roadside and shooting fellow cop in drunken rage http://is.gd/d3YfM

North Las Vegas NV cop who resigned after lying about badge stopping bullet arrested on false reporting & firearm charges http://is.gd/cZP1Q

4 Greenville SC deputies subject of suit by 18yr old beaten in recorded incident: http://is.gd/cWKLH

3 Buffalo NY cops suspended 1mo w/o pay for drinking at bar & assaulting: http://is.gd/d2jsV

New York NY police subject of wrongful death suit alleging they let innocent man die in custody by denying him insulin: http://is.gd/cWNjl

North Dakota State trooper arrested on misdemeanor DV charge, allegedly punched & kicked wife while she held their baby: http://is.gd/d33Qk

Bakersfield CA cop arrested for driving under the influence and hit & run in his patrol car: http://is.gd/d5Iho

Bridgeport CT loses suit for $300k to man who suffered skull fracture & blinded in one eye when beaten at traffic stop: http://is.gd/d0N3x

Texas DPS trooper pleads guilty to choking man at church & theft via swapped tags at store http://is.gd/d3Ncd

Sacramento Co CA deputy under investigation for allegedly punching woman at dog park over dog fight: http://is.gd/cVZPG

New York NY 2 men and 2 boys unlawfully arrested for having a water balloon fight: http://is.gd/cZIo3

Farmington NH police detective indicted for stealing over $1,000 from evidence after investigation into missing items: http://is.gd/d0cr5

Dayton OH settles suit for $27k to couple who racked up $64k in medical bills after hit by patrol car going wrong way: http://is.gd/d0QCs

Luzerne PA hires 2 cops fired from other departments for their new police department, one of which has criminal record: http://is.gd/d3ePr

Solon OH police accused of profiling after cops cuff & hold 16 & 12yr old kids at gun point looking for adult suspect: http://is.gd/d2hAf

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  1. “New Albany IN cop probed for missing sensitivity class ordered after he said that civil rights was biggest mistake in US: http://is.gd/d0Zg4

    Truly, the most heinous crime a cop could perpetrate. All the raping and tazering and beating is just part of the job.

  2. Yeah, I thought that one was rather ironic as well. Like its fine to go around killing, beating, stealing, and sexually molesting people, kicking in doors, ransacking homes, confiscating drugs and then using or re-selling them, shooting dogs, tasering old people, assaulting handicapped people, planting evidence, perjuring, lying, pocketing confiscated drug money and so forth. But you must never question PC pieties while doing so. Totalitarian humanism at its finest.

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