Advancing Class Struggle and Defending Outgroups: That Would Be Us

The defining characteristics of the historic Left have been the promotion of class struggle and defending outgroups. Classical liberalism was the ideology of the rising bourgeoisie class, and socialism was the ideology of the proletarian insurgency. The Left has usually been involved in the defense of outgroups like racial or religious minorities, or women and homosexuals. But what happens when social dynamics change and new classes become ruling classes, and former outgroups become dominant groups?

Are not advocates of such causes as men’s rights, father’s rights, free speech for “racists and fascists,” religious liberty for traditionalists or fundamentalists, or gun rights speaking up on behalf of present day outgroups? Are not poor, uneducated whites, “rednecks,” or conservative Southerners now an outgroup despised by elites?

In addition to a lengthy list of outgroups associated with the political Right, I have in the past identified a similarly lengthy list of outgroups of a more traditional nature that have never been incorporated into the Left’s pantheon of the oppressed. I have argued for the advancement of such outgroups, left and right, within the context of a class stuggle oriented towards those classes that are outside of the present corporate-social democratic paradigm, and in a way that rejects the state as the twin pillar of plutocracy rather than as the supposed antidote to plutocracy as the Socialists claim.

Are we at ATS and our allies not in fact the “true left” and are not our Cultural Marxist and statist-liberal enemies a new breed of “conservatives” who wish to defend an existing establishment comparable, perhaps, to the Brezhnev conservatives of the latter Soviet period?

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  1. Yes, how foolish to engage in outreach to the legions who are under attack by the system when we could be doing something constructive. Like anonymously posting racial slurs on discussion boards perhaps?

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