Support the Right to Discriminate

Ban the cops from Anarchist cafes! No coffee and donuts for you, PIG! This is a hilarious story. Next thing we know the police will be doing sit-ins in anarchist coffee shops. Maybe the Black Bloc can break out the dogs and firehoses.

“I have a dream that the day will come when all God’s children, pigs and anarcho-leftoids, can sit down together for a chocolate mocha….”

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  1. I know a local anarchist space called the Flying Squirrel doesn’t allow cops — there’s a sign on the door in mockery of those ‘neighborhood watch’ signs saying the police aren’t welcome…

  2. LOL, the local professional baseball team here in Richmond is called the Flying Squirrels. Believe it or not, that name was chosen by popular vote. Democracy, the god that failed.

  3. But if you deny them their donuts, what will they live from then?

    They will starve, and have to turn to crime to survive!

  4. Around here our local minor league team is called the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, whose stadium I live three blocks away from. We have an adorably cuddly cartoon snake mascot, Fang. During the halycon days of my youth they were known as the Appleton Foxes (Alex Rodriquez played for them during the formative years of his career and I got to see him during that time), but they decided to change the name to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers-to be more inclusive of the whole state, not just the town in which they’re based. This was a really dumb move, as only Appleton residents give a flying fuck about the team and the rest of the state is barely even aware of their existence.

  5. Reading the comments on these articles is like stabbing myself with a tack over and over again.

  6. “Reading the comments on these articles is like stabbing myself with a tack over and over again.”

    Anarcho-masochism: now there’s a potential branch in the pan-secessionist tree!

  7. lol! FYI I’m talking about the comments on the oregonlive.com site. I probably should have clarified.

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