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  1. Thanks for posting this Keith. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Steele on a couple of occassions and I can assure you he is the real deal. A true secessionist who is not afraid to tell the world. I believe this campaign for the governorship of Vermont is a first. I can’t recall anyone else promising the electorate that if he wins, he will lead them out of the tryranny that has become the Empire. Polls currently show support in the area of ten percent which is amazing when you consider that the campaign started in mid – January and has a budget that doesn’t even cover the cost of gas. We need to all get behind Dennis. If we can achieve a victory some place, any place, it will have the effect of a hole in the dam. How would the tyranny in DC explain away the desire of a whole state full of people wanting to leave? How would it look to the world? The situation is pregnant with opportunity. Imagine freedom. What’s it like? No American alive today has experienced it. Imagine being able to keep what you earn without having it extorted from you by the IRS. Imagine being able to properly defend yourself without fear of arrest by the ATF. Imagine being able to grow what you want in your garden without thugs from the DEA lurking in the bushes. You get the picture. A victory by Dennis Steele will mean a reality for these things in Vermont. From there, the wildfire of freedom will spread across this benighted land. Ask yourself what you can do to help then do it. We need everything from material to boots on the ground. Remember, our victory is YOUR victory. Our liberation means that YOURS is just around the corner. Imagine ……..free Vermont.

  2. I met Dennis at the Secession conference in Manchester in ’08, and I was very impressed wish him. I certainly wish him luck in his campaign.

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