Updated News Digest July 19, 2009 1

Quote of the Week:

“Whoever looks at America will see: the ship is powered by stupidity, corruption or prejudice.”

                                                                                     -Johann Most

The Myth of the Rule of Law by John Hasnas

Carter Conservatism by Sean Scallon

Ten Lessons on Empire by Stephen Walt

What Economy? There’s Nothing Left to Recover by Paul Craig Roberts

Remembering the Great William Appleman Williams by Greg Grandin

The Rise of the Red Tories from The Other Right

WW2: Unnecessary War, Unnecessary Empire Pat Buchanan interviewed by Scott Horton

This Is Your War on Drugs from Mother Jones

“It Is by Their Principles, Religious or Philosophical, That Societies Live” by Pierre Joseph Proudhon

Republicans: The Fake Party of Small Government by Kevin Carson

The American Police State by Judge Andrew Napolitano

America’s White Underclass by Joe Bageant

Communist America by Jim Rogers

Where Have All the Progressives Gone? by Kevin Annett

The Secession of Bay Beach Way by Dana Tyler

A Distributist View of the Economic Crisis by Allan Carlson

No to Obamacare by Dr. Thomas Szasz

Why Only 50 States? We Should Have More of Them by Russell Arben Fox

What is Antipsychiatry? by Dr. Thomas Szasz

Fear and Tyranny by Brian Hoostal

World Military Expenditures by Francois Tremblay

Nowhere, USA by Bill Kauffman

Poverty Draft? by Mickey Z.

America is Sinking Fast by Pat Buchanan

The Crime Lords of Wall Street by Matt Taibbi

Don’t Let Them Disarm You by Chuck Baldwin

Palinomania and Sanfordphobia by Paul Gottfried

“I’m Just Following Orders” by Francois Tremblay

Green Into Red: Environmentalists Urging Workplace Takeover

Is Military Service Honorable? by Fred Reed

Far from the Sea of Tranquility by Tom Piatak

Justice Has a Huge Blind Spot from Murphy’s Bye-Laws

Who Should Have a Date with the Hangman? by Butler Shaffer

Malaise in Retrospect by Dylan Hales

Carter Conservatism and Contrarian Conservatism by Kevin DeAnna

The Deflating Economy by Mike Whitney

The High Crimes of U.S. Presidents by Jack Douglas

Brief Notes on Social Subversion in the 21st Century by Signalfire

The Virtue of Mutiny by Laurence Vance

Protest U.S. Aggression by Ron Jacobs

Icy Smiles for Obama in Moscow by Eric Margolis

2084 by Justin Raimondo

The American Empire of Blood is Doomed by Mike Rozeff

Twittering Revolutionaries by Philip Giraldi

Women Commandos in Iran by Robert Dreyfuss

On Tribalism  by John Robb

Death of Michael Jackson More Important Than 1 Million Iraqi Dead by Kurt Nimmo

Cheney Sweats Out the Summer by Ray McGovern

Car Wash Fundraiser from Bay Area National Anarchists

Danish Hell’s Angels vs Criminal Gangs from Gates of Vienna

Comparing Zionists to Nazis May Be Criminalized in Britain by Leon Symons

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been by Sam Baldwin and Daniel Luzer

Obama’s War Signals by Justin Raimondo

Bush and Cheney’s Sinister Lawlessness by Ivan Eland

Mr. President, Why Are We Still Torturing? by Nat Hentoff

The Real Purpose of Affirmative Action by Richard Spencer

Watch What We Say, Not What We Do by Alexander Cockburn

On the Preston Affair by Jeremy Weiland

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