Updated News Digest March 8, 2009 Reply

Quotes of the Week:

“Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood.”

                                                                               -H. L. Mencken

“The anarch understands that the particular identity of the authorities over him has come about randomly, with no inner connection with his true inner nature – he merely happens to be born or live in their domain, for the time being. Whether a Greek or an American, within a communist, capitalist or fascist structure – how could such a random association with his own nature expect special deference or respect from him? But he knows that he needs the authority for his own purposes and as a practical man, he therefore learns about its particularities and adjusts his behaviour accordingly.

Consciously recognizing the absence of any credible superior virtues or mandates in the authorities requires him to be more reliant on his own judgements and critical faculties. His understanding of history gives him a basis on which to critically judge the offers and boasts of authorities – he does not naively buy whatever is sold to him.”

                                                                                                         -Karl Fraser

National-Anarchism and Tribalism, Part One by Andrew Yeoman

National-Anarchism and Tribalism, Part Two by Andrew Yeoman

Left-Libertarianism Explained from The Radical Whole

A Kinder, Gentler Totalitarianism by Robert Weissberg

Pitchfork Time by Pat Buchanan

What’s Wrong with the Right? by Jack Hunter and Richard Spencer

A Banana Republic by 2012? by Paul Craig Roberts

Outlaw Thoughts by Doug French

The Denationalization of Money by Mike Gaddy

Ruling Class Libertarianism by Lew Rockwell

Banksters and Leftists: The Unholy Historic Alliance by Lew Rockwell

Bob Schieffer interviews Ron Paul 

Bob Schieffer interviews Ron Paul, Part Two

Obama, Pull Out of Iraq, or Dig In by Eric Margolis

Working in “Communist” China by Chris Clancy

The Communist Origins of Political Correctness by Agustin Blazquez

Is Obama a Potential Dictator? by Glenn Greenwald

Obama is Grabbing Your Medical Records by James Bovard

The Government Cannot Spend Its Way Out of a Depression Bob Higgs interviewed by Dennis Praeger

Radical Rethink Needed in Washington, D.C. by Philip Giraldi

It’s Obama’s War, Now by Chris Hedges

Mission Accomplished Indefinitely by Jeff Huber

Iran, the Jews and Germany by Roger Cohen

Obama’s State Secrets Echo Bush by Nat Hentoff

Obama’s Retreat on Iraq by Steve Chapman

Conservatives Need a Humbler Foreign Policy by Gene Healy

Lessons from LBJ’s Failed Presidency by Bob Herbert

Shouldn’t MoveOn Oppose Obama on Afghanistan? by John Nichols

New York Was Supposed to Have Been Immortal, But in the End It Couldn’t Deliver by Thomas Naylor

The Economics of Autonomous Zones 

Ethnic Cleansing and Israel by Conn Hallinan

The Changing Game in Afghanistan by Brian M. Downing

Banana Republic, USA by Tom Woods

Is the Political Class Deliberately Blocking an Economic Recovery? by Bill Anderson

Two Checks on Tyranny by Jacob Hornberger

Increase Revenues for California-Legalize Marijuana by Dale Gieringer

Voting Sucks! 

Hegemony or Survival? Noam Chomsky interviewed by Scott Horton

Endless War by Margaret Kimberley

Intel Head Draws Ire of Israel Lobby by Daniel Luban and Jim Lobe

War Comes Home to Britain by John Pilger

Read the Fine Print by Ivan Eland

Playing Defense by Winslow Wheeler and Pierre Sprey

Is It Now Okay to Talk About Hitler’s Assumption of Dictatorial Power? by Jacob Hornberger

Obama’s Coalition of the Unwilling by Amy Goodman

Setbacks for Pro-Israel Hawks in the U.S. by Bernd Debusmann

War Crimes and Double Standards by Robert Parry

Iran in the Crosshairs by Gareth Porter and Ray McGovern

The Ultimate Earmark: U.S. Military Aid to Israel by Bill and Kathleen Christison

Afghanistan: For Your Reading Pleasure by Robert Dreyfuss

Can Anti-Prohibition Cops Be Trusted? 

Shoplifting in a Free Store from Silent Radical’s Blog

Ask An Anarchist from Rad Geek

Responses to “Anarchism and Radical Governments” by Larry Gambone

Interview with Tucker Carlson by Red Phillips

Being Serious About Torture…Or Not by William Blum

Blueprint for a Police State by Marjorie Cohn

Will the Winds of Change Reach El Salvador? by Mark Engler

What’s Hezbollah Done for Us Lately? by Franklin Lamb

Porn Star Blows PIG,  Avoids Drug Arrest 

Manufacturing Fictive Kinship by John Robb

Kropotkin on Ants (from Mutual Aid) 

A Rambling Discussion of National-Anarchism 

Support the Center for a Stateless Society 

Sean Gabb Review’s Kevin Carson’s Organization Theory 

Legalize Drugs-Or See Mexico Become Afghanistan South! by Pat Buchanan

Montana Has It Right on 2nd Amendment by Chuck Baldwin

What We’re Fighting  by Evan McLaren

The Last Word on CPAC by Richard Spencer

Tax Revolt by Dylan Hales

Losing Majority by Dylan Hales

A Confession to Austrian Libertarians by Jeremy Weiland

Stylistic Reaganism and Right-Wing Existentialism by Ean Frick

Beating Back Obamanomics by Lew Rockwell

Recession and Recovery  by Bob Higgs

The Greatest Crash in History by Tom Woods

Harlots High and Low by Alexander Cockburn

Georgia Injustice by Rebekah Ward

My Day at the Terror Charity by Patrick Cockburn

We Want Obama to Fail by Peter Schiff

The Deck Chairs Are Fine Where They Are by Tom Woods

If Only Paul Krugman Were a Moron by Lila Rajiva

No More Reefer Madness by Steve Huntley

The Coming Second American Civil War? 

Drug Wars in Mexico Alan Bock interviewed by Scott Horton

U.S. Out of Afghanistan Jeff Huber interviewed by Scott Horton

Obama’s Appointments  Jim Lobe interviewed by Scott Horton

Bush Tyranny: Why Did So Few Americans Give a Damn? by William Pfaff

Afghanistan’s Graveyard of Invaders by Jurgen Todenhofer

Things Fall Apart (including the EU) by Richard Spencer

Front Porch Socialism by Dylan Hales

Freedom to Consume, or Not by Sheldon Richman

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