Updated News Digest September 7, 2008 1

Quotes of the Week:

“You guys want a simple way to make distinct the real ‘working man’ socialists from the “liberal” nanny statists?

It’s simple really. Ask them how they want to tax labor income. If they want to tax it (especially if they want to tax it at a high rate), they’re not for the working man at all.

See, here in Denmark, we have a kind of socialists called “social democrats”, who on one hand say that they are “a worker party”, and on the other, want to maintain a 40+% marginal taxation on low to medium incomes.

A workers party that does all in its power to eradicate the economic autonomy of the actual workers?”

                                                                                         -Peter Bjorn Perls

 “Cops may look back fondly on the days when we conveniently gathered in one place to peacefully oppose the establishment. The alternative – insurgency – is a lot messier for cops. Iraq is a great example. It’s in THEIR interests to respect proportionality.”

                                                                                         -Jeremy Weiland

“Why do men go to zoos?”-H.L. Mencken, when asked why he took so keen an interest in politics when he despised most politicians

American Police State is Not Even Controversial  by Glenn Greenwald

Neocon Party A Versus Neocon Party B   by Karen Kwiatkowski

The Georgia Crisis Turns Dangerous by Eric Margolis

We Who Dared to Say No to War by Tom Woods and Murray Polner

Pot versus The Superbug by Paul Armentano

Palin Was a Member of the Alaskan Independence Party

Smash the Warfare State Lew Rockwell interviewed by Scott Horton

A Chinese View of Human Rights in Britain

America: Zionist Colony

That’s How You Do It! by Jeremy Weiland

They’re Not Going to Stop Pushing the Envelope by Jeremy Weiland

Libertarianism Through Thick and Thin by Charles Johnson

The RNC Protests, as told by the mainstream and alternative media by Thus Spoke Bellinsky

Agorists at the Front by Brad Spangler

“The Limits of Power” and Conservative Realism by Dylan Waco

The Militarized Police State Continues Apace by Mona

A Prisoner’s Tale of Abuse by Stanley Howard

Police Terrorists Trained to Hate Anarchists

The Calamity of Bush’s Conservatism by Lew Rockwell

The Alliance Between the Government, the Power Elite and Organized Crime by Charles A. Harris

The Federal Reserve: Lifeblood of the Empire by Tom Woods

Recessions and Career Opportunities by Gary North

September Surprise? by Justin Raimondo

Bush Pushes for More Police Power by Nat Hentoff

Tortured in Egypt, Rendered to Guantanamo: Innocent Pakistani Heads Home After Six Years

Hezbollah Military Video

Anarchist Traffic Guru

The Real Wrecking Crew-Neoconservatives, Not “Conservatives” by Paul Craig Roberts

Bill Kauffman at the Ron Paul Convention

What Liberals and Libertarians Share by Cernig

Someone Should Tell Rudy… by Dylan Waco

Romney: China is “Adam Smith on Steroids” from Sheldon Richman

How to Implement Mutual Aid for Tax Resistance by Francois Tremblay

Country First, John McCain, USA, USA, USA by Jeremy Weiland

Bail Money Urgently Needed by Jeremy Weiland

Cops May Yet Come to Regret Their Hostility by Jeremy Weiland

This Is What a Police State Looks Like by Rad Geek

Goodbye to Protest by Jeremy Weiland/Richmond Left Libertarian Alliance

Some Humor Among the Fuming by Jeremy Weiland

Responding to Totalitarianism on Demand by Jeremy Weiland

The Real Problem With Palin by James LeRoy Wilson

Technology and the Future of Liberty

Thank God, She Has No Foreign Policy Experience! Sarah Palin’s Clean Slate by Mike Gravel

The Victims of the Israel Lobby by B.R. Gowani

What If the Israel Lobby Was the African-American Lobby? by B.R. Gowani

RNC 8 Charged as Terrorists Under State Patriot Act

America, Support Your Patriot Youth  by Brad Spangler

Populist Conservatism Needs a Home by Jeremy Weiland

East-West: Origins of a Crisis by Nikolas Gvosdev

More on Palin by Paul Gottfried

Palin, Buchanan and Israel by Matthew Roberts

Sarah Palin Has an Israeli Flag in Her Office (Now We Know Why the Neocons Handpicked Her!)

Join the Middlebury Institute Discussion List

The Senator Most Likely to Start a Nuclear War by Jeffrey St. Clair

What If the Israeli Lobby was the Islamic Lobby? by B.R. Gowani

Amy Goodman: Why We Were Falsely Arrested

Anarchists: We aren’t the terrorists, cops and Republicans are

L.A. Times Interview with Alexander Dugin

Don’t Talk to the Cops, Part 2,522

Beyond Distributism-new book from Tom Woods

Reform or Else!-The Cultural Revolution in Sixteenth Century England by Murray Rothbard

Czarist America by Mike Rozeff

The Fictional Crime of “Money-Laundering” by Gary Barnett

Today is Jury Rights Day: Do You Know Yours? by Vin Suprynowicz

Sarah Palin: The Xena of the War Party by Justin Raimondo

The Hothead and the Finger on the Button by Doug Bandow

Palin Meets with AIPAC-Expresses “Heartfelt Support for Israel”

Distant Drums Mar Palin’s Party by Pat Buchanan

Chomsky’s Augustinian Anarchism by Roderick T. Long

No Matter How Cynical I Get, It’s Just Never Enough to Keep Up by Libby Spencer

This Is What a Police State Looks Like, Part 2 by Rad Geek

Emergency Action to Free All Political Prisoners by Rad Geek

William Gillis at the RNC Welcoming Committee Press Conference

In Defense of Vermont’s Secession from the Union by Keith Brunner

It’s Time for a Declaration of Independence from Israel by Chris Hedges

Democrats Determined to Lose by Bill Anderson

Terrorist SWAT PIGS Let Off the Hook

Where Have I Seen Sarah Palin Before? by Arash Kamangeer

Murray Bookchin and Bugs Bunny: Found at Last by Joel Schlosberg

Anarcho-Primitivism Explained

Our Dear Leader by Rad Geek

Permission to Correct the Mistakes of Government Denied by Jeremy Weiland

Learning Our Lessons by Shawn Wilbur

Don’t Worry, She Supports Israel by Sheldon Richman

Free All Political Prisoners by Rad Geek

Agorism and the Revolutionary Redistribution of Property by Brad Spangler

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